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Tea Time

Today was my first taste of Yogi Tea.  I had seen this pop up on other blogs and decided to try it for myself!

I chose the Peach Detox. It’s caffeine free so I can have it any time of day (if I have caffeine in the evening, I can NOT sleep…and usually I can fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow).


I heated my water and patiently waited for 10 minutes to steep, and I really liked the end result! Usually I like darker English teas, and this was definitely more herbal and sweet/spicy. But it was tasty! And a good thing to sip on when I am just starting to get itchy for lunch.

And how can you not love a product that tells you:

“Whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing.”

Love that!

yogit (sorry for the pic…I need to stop relying on my iphone for pics and use a real camera!)

I was a bit concerned at first because there was an advisory about not drinking this yogi tea for more than 30 days or while pregnant. It’s caffeine free, so I was stumped why you could not have this. I posted this question on KERF and one of her knowledgeable readers thought it may be because of the diuretic/laxative effects.  Sounds reasonable to me!

See you at lunch!


Well, a bit out of control last night

And and exact quote from my husband last night as I was helping him polish off a bag of skittles…..”maybe you should omit this from your blog”. Those words were spoken and my pictures ceased for the rest of the night. Here is what I did eat:

About 7 skittles

1 serving of Jenna’s famous enchiladas

1 serving of Far East Spanish Rice

1 serving of Black Beans

Water mixed with Organic Pear Nectar Juice

1 1/2 lemon drop cookies

4 squares of organic milk chocolate

1/2 mug of tazo chai tea made w/milk (wasn’t feeling it tonight)

I didn’t do any techniques that some readers had advised me to do.  I think my problem is once I am in the “give up” mindset, it’s too late to distract myself with a walk, gardening, any fun activity. I have to learn how not to get myself in the harmful mentality in the first place.

I’m going to work on that!

So, this morning I had a green monster:

1 c. organic pear nectar

1 Scoop Amazing Meal

1 1/2 T ground flax

4 chunks frozen banana

5 chunks frozen pineapple

1 1/2 big handfuls of spinach

As usual it was wonderful!


Check out the Getting Pretty, Naturally tab on my blog, I’ve reviewed 3 organic products.

See you later today. I am repeat eating somethings, but I do have a couple of new things to try including a Mojo bar and Peach Detox Yogi tea!


And my munchies are out of control!!! Argh!

I’m quieting them as I type with a carrot!

Feed Me!

Feed Me!

***********Edited 27 minutes later to show my Clif Bar************
clif240 Calories later, and now I’m happy!

Can’t believe I’m this excited about a new yogurt!

Ok, I picked up one of these yogurts at the grocery.  It is called Swiss Yogurt with Apples! I LOVE yogurt with apples (hello…Dannon Apple Cinnamon anyone?) So, I was super excited to find this all natural brand…and only $1 a container!


And the verdict???

 I liked it!  A lot!!! It had a great creamy base with real chunks of apple and chewy bits of wheat and oats (I think that was the Muesli part!)

I’ll definitely get this again.  The only downfall is it is a bit high in calories for yogurt….190 calories…but it does pack 8 grams of protien and 25% calcium…even a bit of Vitamen C!

Along with my yogurt I had my blackberries and Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar.


This snack was around 330 calories.

See you tonight for our Mexican Fiesta!  I also am going to do my product reviews on DermaE Skincare, Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner, and Alba Deodorant.

And we can start placing bets now on if I’ll go to the gym after I eat dinner………… 😉


Deja Vu Lunch

Well, this is pretty much a repeat of yesterday. But, I think it is hard when only two people live in a household.  We tend to eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch for the week so that we don’t waste food, and then the following week try something new. Luckily, my husband doesn’t mind eating that way. We rarely throw out food so that is definitely a good thing.

Lunch started with carrots and green pepper (grown locally and boy was it tasty–super peppery!)


Then my Maranatha PB and Organic Raspberry Jam Sandwich made anther apperance.


Again eaten with my Amy’s Bunnies and Organic Honey Pretzel mix.  This really is a great duo!

Lunch was about 470 Calories.  Not bad!  That is it for now….back to work!

Another Green Monster Morning!

I slept really good last night, but did not get up at 5:15am to go to the gym, that is just waaaayy to early for this girl.  So, I’ll need to go this evening.

I had another Green Monster this morning, same as yesterday, sans wheat grass.

1/2 cup vanilla almond milk

1/2 cup organic apricot mango juice

3 chunks frozen bananas

6 chunks frozen pineapple

1 T ground flax

1 Scoop Amazing Meal

2 big handfuls organic spinach



This was approximately 300 calories.

I swear by these things! I drink less coffee (I think I drank 1/2 a cup this morning) and I have more energy and feel more alert!

My day is pretty normal, nothing too special. Work, cook dinner for me and Matt (thinking Jenna’s Famous Enchiladas—they are the best!!). Then I’m headed to the gym for my 2 mile walk! This is the only night we do not have anything going on after work and I’m going to enjoy it!

Have a great day!

Great Food and A Great Friend

I had a really good night tonight with my old friend, Ashley.

She was just the medicine I needed tonight.  A little back story….Ashley and I worked together in the Human Resources Department while we were at Skybus Airlines–which we both agree was the best job we ever had.  It is so incredible to work for the Airline Industry…I understand what people mean when they say “it gets in your blood”.   She was a good work friend (we shared a cubicle) that crossed over to a “real” friend and seeing her again was just good for the soul

Me (about 30 pounds heavier) and Ashley on my 30th b-day

Me (about 30 pounds heavier) and Ashley on my 30th b-day

My Skybus HR Ladies...Tiff, April, Me, Ash, and Nicole. Great Days!

My Skybus HR Ladies...Tiff, April, Me, Ash, and Nicole. Great Days!

A lot of lessons learned and a lot of fun was had.

A lot of lessons learned and a lot of fun was had.

Can you tell my dinner date made me a bit nostalgic!??!! 🙂

Anyways, we met at Chili’s at 6:30pm and I must say I was hungry, but not starving….my snack held me over really well! 

We got to the restuarant and I was a little overwhelmed by the menu and the smells and the FRIES and I started to look the menu over even though I had pre-decided on one of the “guiltless” fish dinners.

I was a bit tempted by the fajitas….

oh my...with pepperjack......

oh my...with pepperjack......


……and the mini-burgers and fries………

Hello Lova'

Hello Lova'

………… what did I do?????????????……………..

I got the Guiltless Salmon dinner, no sauce, with broccoli and carrots on the side.   It Was So Good!!!!!!!!! And I was so pleased with my choice!  When it came out looking all hot, pretty, and healthy on the plate, Ashley peered over from her Fajita Pita and jealously said….”well doesn’t that look good!”

Perfect Choice!

Perfect Choice!

Truthfully, I’m pleased with my choice! It tasted good going down and I didn’t feel sick or overly stuffed and greased out! I just felt good! And it only ran me about 395 Calories!  Go Chili’s!!! I must say I was impressed with the flavor and lack of oil and butter in both the salmon and the veggies! It was very fresh!

It’s been a couple hours since dinner and I’m going to be up a bit longer watching The Bachelorette and since I have some extra calories to have a bit of a sweet I have made myself a Decaf Tazo Chai Tea with Vanilla Almond Milk and a Lemon Drop Cookie!

Jealous? Seriously, if you live near a Giant Eagle.....get to their bakery for one of these ASAP!

Jealous? Seriously, if you live near a Giant Eagle.....get to their bakery for one of these ASAP!

This tea....sooooo good!

This tea....sooooo good!

My snack was probably around 350 calories which is alot, but I didn’t eat many calories for dinner and I did get an extra serving of Calcium in my tea that I was needing today!

I feel great about my eating today and am happy I stayed within my 1800 calorie limit.

My goal is to relax a bit the rest of the evening and off to bed early. I’m going to try and hit the gym for a 2 mile walk before work tomorrow!


PS….I will be super happy when there are no more previews for The Unborn or Orphan.  I hate those kinds of movies and the previews seriously creep me out!

Great Snack

Well, I packed a great snack today for the late afternoon. I always get hungry/munchy in the late afternoon.  And if I leave work hungry I can do some serious food-damage when I walk in the door after work….before I even start cooking dinner.

Today I packes and Organic Peach Stoneyfield Yogurt (which reminded me to go see Food Inc!), some blackberries, and a Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut bar (have you had these yet? OMGosh, so good!)

280 Calories

280 Calories

30 calories

30 calories

See you tonight after my dinner with Ashley!

Mmmmmm Maranatha

Oh my, I looovvee Maranatha Organic Creamy Peanut Butter.  I don’t think natural pb tastes this good! I used to eat Smuckers Natural, but ever since I switched to Maranatha, Smuckers tastes way to salty. 

I dug into my gladwares filled with goodies!

I started with a organic cucumber and carrot appetizer.

This was split with Matt...I'm counting this a 0 calories! Nothing was added, sprinkled or dipped on these bad boys!

This was split with Matt...I'm counting this a 0 calories! Nothing was added, sprinkled or dipped on these bad boys!

Then I moved on to my Maranatha and Organic Raspberry Sandwich on 100% Natural Hearty Wheat Bread.

320 Calories

320 Calories

And a perfect medley of organic honey wheat pretzels and Amy’s White Cheddar Bunnies!  I love this kind of crunch with my PB Sandwich!

I had about a 1/2 portion of each for about 150 calories

I had about a 1/2 portion of each for about 150 calories

This was a great lunch….which is a good thing because it will probably make quite a few appearances this week!

I often am a creature of habit, eat the same thing for a week then switch it up the next.  This way I usually don’t waste food.

On My Way!

Good morning!

I was so happy to wake up today and get started on my healthy eating/calorie watching program!

I’ve decided to count calories in lieu of Weight Watchers.  It’s a bit simpler math and I don’t have to carry around the points slider/WW Week 1 book where ever I go. 

I figured out that I can have 1800 calories a day based off of my current weight.  I’m going to start out at that and adjust as necessary.

First Off……breakfast….and it was a good one.

I think this was the BEST Green Monster I’ve made to date!

1/2 cup vanilla almond milk

1/2 cup organic apricot mango juice

1 scoop Amazing Meal

1 packet Wheat Grass

3 chunks frozen banana

6 frozen pineapple chunks

1 T. ground flax seed

2 big handfuls of spinach

315 Calories

315 Calories

This was my first time adding Wheat Grass and I loved it. I couldn’t tell a difference in my smoothie. It just tasted delicious!

I have great snacks and lunches packed for Matt and I (we work together). Here is a preview.  I am super excited for my new glad ware that will be used over and over to carry my lunch. No more baggies and a lot less waste at the end of the day!!!!

All carried to work in a "green" tote! How appropriate!

All carried to work in a "green" tote! How appropriate!

I have a good day lined up…work and then out to Chili’s with a dear friend! I’ve looked ahead at the Chili’s menu and I’m probably getting the “Guiltless” Talapia or Salmon.  Both come with rice and veggies and are the lower fat and calorie options on the menu! Feeling good about that!