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In May of 2009 I was flipping through the television channels and saw a glimpse of a pretty young woman holding a delicious cake. I immediately stopped flipping and was hooked by the short segment about the popular food blog Kath Eats Real Food.  I was immediatly intrigued by Kath and the fact that she blogged about what she ate, EVERYDAY. That night I visited her webpage and left her a comment telling her that I was inspired and extremely interested in her site (and I felt like I had talked to a celebrity when she responded back!).  For the last few months I have been a daily visitor of her site and have branched out to visit many other sites, such as Eat Live Run, Oh She Glows, and Cait’s Plate.

These websites have inspired me to try adding handfuls of spinach to my smoothies, transition to a mostly vegetarian diet, enjoy herbal teas and cut my coffee intake, be mindful of where my produce comes from, switch to an organic skin care line, recycle, start to exercise regularly, and use food to fuel my body and make me feel my best.

In all honesty, these blogs have been lifechanging.

I realize that food is not at all our enemy.  Food is our friend.  Without nutritious food (including good fats) our bodies would cease to function properly, our hair would fall out, we would not have energy to make it through the day.

Food should be savored and enjoyed.  I believe God wants us to enjoy eating–how many bible stories are centered around a feast! Families can become closer by enjoying dinner together around the table, friendships can blossom over happyhour, we celebrate birthdays, marriage, promotions and baptisms with cake and hor’derves, a mug of hotchocolate and a warm chocolate chip cookie at the end of a long day can calm your heart.

I have created this website because I have found inspiration in other websites similar in content.  I will talk about my food that I eat and the benefits I’m getting from nutritious meals and the pleasure I get from the meals that I share and celebrate with the people I love.

I am a total Foodie…probably too much of one! I love food, and I do struggle with portion size and sweets!  By making a photojournal of what I eat I am hoping to eliminate those extra calorie eats (like mindless eating of herhsey kisses or tootsie rolls) and focus on whole good nutricious meals. I also will be keeping track of my calories most days to keep myself accountable for what I eat/why I eat (you know, making sure I’m eating for the right reasons…hunger, and nutrition…no bordom or stress!)

Why the name Organic Glamour Girl? Well, that probably is a result of my husband, Matt, being the biggest carnivor, non-green, non-fruit, non-organic person I know! 🙂 I love him with all my heart, but our take on the planet and our food is completely different. I am on a mission to show him that healthy eating and following a healthy and “aware” lifestyle looks good…glamerous even. 🙂 Thus the name was born!

Here’s to health!!!



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