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Bite It/Blog It and Homemade Body Polish

Well, last night was not a good eating night.  I overate at the family cookout, waaaay overate, and then I got home and Matt and I got into some chips and the leftover dip I had made.  I went to bed full and I hate that feeling.  I slept AWFUL.

Rebecca encouraged me not to be embarrassed to take pictures, and I’m going to try!  Every time I don’t take pictures I seem to fall off the wagon.  So this week, I’m challenging myself to photograph EVERYTHING and see if it makes a difference in my eating.  I’m fairly certain it will!  That’s my goal for this week, no real eating restrictions but BITE IT/BLOG IT.   I realize when I am not blogging about my food, my thoughts of nutrition and food quality go out the door. 

So, due to lack of food pictures from last night I decided to write about an amazing homemade body polish. This beauty tip was featured in this month’s issue of Self Magazine.

 Picture 157

(Excerpt Found in Beauty Flash on Page 54)

Get Even  For skin that’s hit a rough patch, smooth scaly areas with a natural concoction from Hema Sundaram, M.D., a dermatologist in Washington, D.C.  Mix a cup each of sea salt (to cleans), cornmeal (to exfoliate) and olive oil (to hydrate), then rub it all over your body. 

I was hooked when I read this! I had all the ingredients in my kitchen to do this, and the results….AMAZING!!!!  I thought a cup of each ingredient was too much….I did a 1/4 cup of each and that worked better for me.  This stuff made my skin feel so smooth. I even put it on my face and that worked really well…it was a great exfoliant!

I give this mixture an A++!   And it will be added 2 times a week into my skin care routine!  Thank you Self Magazine!!!
It lookes like an expensive sugar scrub!

It lookes like an expensive sugar scrub!

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!


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