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Attack of the Chocolate Monster

I tried a new concoction of Chocolate Green Monster this morning, and it was good…..but NO Avocado Green Monster!

The Blend:

1 cup Stonyfield O’Soy Chocolate Yogurt

1/3 cup Vanilla Almond Milk

2 T ground Flax

1 packet Chocolate Amazing Grass Green Superfood

1 T Maranatha creamy PB

4 Chunks Frozen Banana

2 big handfuls spinach

Picture 158

And all blended up!

Picture 159

It was good.  A bit tangy from the soy yogurt and peanut butter.  But it did have a chocolate taste and it filled me up!

Off to church, the gym, and then back home to pull weeds. 🙂  One of my very best childhood friends is in town with her family.  She moved to Florida a few years ago and it will be so nice to see her tonight! And have some pizza!  We are meeting at Little York Tavern and they are well known for their good pizza! I’m excited to try it tonight!  Looking at the menu, I’m leaning towards the Sicilian! 🙂


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