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Tea Time

Today was my first taste of Yogi Tea.  I had seen this pop up on other blogs and decided to try it for myself!

I chose the Peach Detox. It’s caffeine free so I can have it any time of day (if I have caffeine in the evening, I can NOT sleep…and usually I can fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow).


I heated my water and patiently waited for 10 minutes to steep, and I really liked the end result! Usually I like darker English teas, and this was definitely more herbal and sweet/spicy. But it was tasty! And a good thing to sip on when I am just starting to get itchy for lunch.

And how can you not love a product that tells you:

“Whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing.”

Love that!

yogit (sorry for the pic…I need to stop relying on my iphone for pics and use a real camera!)

I was a bit concerned at first because there was an advisory about not drinking this yogi tea for more than 30 days or while pregnant. It’s caffeine free, so I was stumped why you could not have this. I posted this question on KERF and one of her knowledgeable readers thought it may be because of the diuretic/laxative effects.  Sounds reasonable to me!

See you at lunch!


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