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Another Green Monster Morning!

I slept really good last night, but did not get up at 5:15am to go to the gym, that is just waaaayy to early for this girl.  So, I’ll need to go this evening.

I had another Green Monster this morning, same as yesterday, sans wheat grass.

1/2 cup vanilla almond milk

1/2 cup organic apricot mango juice

3 chunks frozen bananas

6 chunks frozen pineapple

1 T ground flax

1 Scoop Amazing Meal

2 big handfuls organic spinach



This was approximately 300 calories.

I swear by these things! I drink less coffee (I think I drank 1/2 a cup this morning) and I have more energy and feel more alert!

My day is pretty normal, nothing too special. Work, cook dinner for me and Matt (thinking Jenna’s Famous Enchiladas—they are the best!!). Then I’m headed to the gym for my 2 mile walk! This is the only night we do not have anything going on after work and I’m going to enjoy it!

Have a great day!


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