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On My Way!

Good morning!

I was so happy to wake up today and get started on my healthy eating/calorie watching program!

I’ve decided to count calories in lieu of Weight Watchers.  It’s a bit simpler math and I don’t have to carry around the points slider/WW Week 1 book where ever I go. 

I figured out that I can have 1800 calories a day based off of my current weight.  I’m going to start out at that and adjust as necessary.

First Off……breakfast….and it was a good one.

I think this was the BEST Green Monster I’ve made to date!

1/2 cup vanilla almond milk

1/2 cup organic apricot mango juice

1 scoop Amazing Meal

1 packet Wheat Grass

3 chunks frozen banana

6 frozen pineapple chunks

1 T. ground flax seed

2 big handfuls of spinach

315 Calories

315 Calories

This was my first time adding Wheat Grass and I loved it. I couldn’t tell a difference in my smoothie. It just tasted delicious!

I have great snacks and lunches packed for Matt and I (we work together). Here is a preview.  I am super excited for my new glad ware that will be used over and over to carry my lunch. No more baggies and a lot less waste at the end of the day!!!!

All carried to work in a "green" tote! How appropriate!

All carried to work in a "green" tote! How appropriate!

I have a good day lined up…work and then out to Chili’s with a dear friend! I’ve looked ahead at the Chili’s menu and I’m probably getting the “Guiltless” Talapia or Salmon.  Both come with rice and veggies and are the lower fat and calorie options on the menu! Feeling good about that!


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