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Feeling Super Discouraged Need Advice!

I eat an extremely healthy breakfast and lunch.  EXTREMELY Healthy…..think Green Monsters, Greek Yogurt and Nuts, high fiber/protein Kashi cereals with almond milk and loads of fresh berries and bananas.  My lunches are vegitarian based soups and salads, cheese, hummus, crackers, veggies, veggie burgers with a side of veggies. They are HEALTHY.

Then 3 pm happens and I turn into a raving eating monster. And with dinner I lose all control on potion size and then I want dessert after….and we aren’t talking a small piece of dark chocolate, I am talking mass quantities of ice cream or Carmelo bars.

What can I do to combat my evening overeating?

What are your strategies?  What is your hardest time of day to fight cravings? How do you control portion sizes and have the drive to control them?

For a great example of a healthy morning, today it is another green monster:

I blended frozen banana, frozen pineapple, flax seed, Amazing Meal, organic apricot mango juice and organic spinach.  I will post a picture as soon as I can!

Matt and I are heading to my parents house, they live just an hour away.  We are going to church with the whole family (all 9 of us) and then meeting a small part of extended family at the Dayton Airshow.  LOVE the airshow! It should be a really great day!

Thanks in advance for anyone that leaves me advice/encouragement.  I’m excited to read everyone’s comments.  I really look to this food blogging community for encouragement for living a healthier lifestyle.  I truly do want that.



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  1. * homecookedem says:

    Hey Jean! I just got your very heartfelt comment on my latest post. It helps knowing someone else out there understands what you’re going through, doesn’t it? I’m starting to think that everyone has an issue in life… some are alcholics, some are addicted to gambling, some have health issues like cancer to deal with… our’s is learning how to manage our weight. I think you’re right about being addicted to food… and I think some of us do have to have structure to help lose it. But I’m still hopeful that it is possible with work and determination to be able to maintain without constantly counting.

    I am so, so, so glad that you found my post helpful! You are not alone. We are not alone. So many women (and men!) have to constantly struggle with these issues. Please email me at if you ever need any support or advice!

    To answer your question… My hardest time of day is after dinner. I want to snack all night long! So what I’ve started doing is going on walks or doing yardwork after dinner. That way, I’m active and even if I really do want a snack when I return, at least I haven’t just sat there the whole evening. But what I’ve found is I don’t want to snack near as much as I used to because I’m not bored and sitting around thinking about the contents of my pantry!!! As far as portion sizes go, I don’t think I can be completely trusted, so I try to stick to things that can be loosely measured such as fruit. If I want cereal, I always measure it, otherwise I’d eat 3 servings worth easily!!

    Hope you’re having a great day!!!!!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago
  2. * Melissa says:

    Hi Jean!

    I can truly empathize with the 3 o’clock cravings, though I generally get them around 2 pm. I grew up a competitive athlete, burning 6,000 calories a day, so I was used to being able to eat anything I wanted whenever I wanted. Needless to say, when I graduated college, all that changed.

    It was a super hard transition, but I was really unhappy with how my body was starting to look, so I made the decision to completely change my eating habits and promote a healthier life for myself.

    I generally start my day with about a 160 calorie combination of fat-free vanilla yogurt and organic apple granola. Because I need a little fruit with it, I eat a nectarine every morning like clockwork. I make sure to get fiber, protein, fruit/veggie, and water with every meal. Lately, my lunch of choice has been about 400 calories. I eat half a wheat pita with half an avocado, tomato, and a teaspoon of fat free, crumbled feta cheese…and I eat a large piece of tuna jerkey to get that delicious junky taste I love so much.

    Honestly though, I’ve found that indulging in a big thing of Crystal Light Peach Tea each day fills me up, satisfies my sweet tooth, and gets me through those craving times…if you’re body’s seriously craving it, don’t deny it, just modify it.

    Also, running and swimming every day keeps me active and my mind off what I’m not allowing myself to eat. It’s hard, but totally worth it in the end 🙂 Good luck and keep it up!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago
    • * organicglamourgirl says:

      Hi Melissa! Thanks for the advice! I know spacing my meals is a good habit to have! I need to be well-armed at 3pm!!!:) Your pita sounds fantastic…maybe that will make an apperance on here soon!
      I clicked on your twitter page, how cool is it that you swim in films! How does that work…any I would have seen?

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago

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