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Green Monster Morning

My gocery shopping was a success and I came home with all the essentials to make a fabulous Green Monster!


Organic Apricot Mango Juice

Organic Milk

Frozen Pineapple

Bananas (More on this below!)

Flax Seed

Blended together It Looked Like this:

Picture 107

But let me back up and tell you a bit about my bananas.  I had remembered that Kath had mentioned once that she had gotten a ton of produce at reduced price because it had already been bagged and left behind by another shopper, or was close to expiring.  I had never been presented with an opprotunity like this at our local Giant Eagle…… until FRIDAY that is!!! I found 3 pounds worth of ripe, ready to eat bananas priced to sell at $.99! 🙂 I was in heaven!   🙂 Knowing that I freeze my banana for smoothies, I should have bought 2 bags of them!  Look at what I got….all broken up and ready to freeze for quick smoothie additions:

Plethura of Potassium

Plethura of Potassium

I also want to talk about Amazing Grass Products.  I had the awesome opprotunity of getting 40% off select Amazing Grass Products thanks to Jenna.  This is the loot I picked up:

Picture 131

My mom, my sister, and I split this order so we could all try different products.  I haven’t met an Amazing Grass that I did not like!  I add a scoop or a packet to almost every green monster I make, and I can feel the difference in my body.  I have more energy and after drinking GMs consecutively for a few days my nails are stronger and alittle longer and my skin looks more even toned and I have less breakouts.  

That’s all for now!  Busy day ahead…

1. Cleaning the house–about 3 hours–it will be a deep clean of all 3 floors!

2.  Shopping for those b-day presents–eekk still haven’t gotten that done

3.  Exercise

4.  Weed flower beds

5.  Paint nails and toes

6.  Get all gussied up for sister-n-laws 30th b-day party

7.  PAARRRRTTYY with friends and family!

8.  Late night post so that I keep my eating in check.  It helps me knowing that I’m going to take pictures and share with people my eats!

Have a great Saturday!



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