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Kashi Morning

Good morning!

It was the first time in a LOOOONNNGGG time that I did not weigh myself first thing after I hopped out of bed.  Can I tell you something??? IT WAS LIBERATING! I don’t think I fully realized until this morning just how much of a negative effect the scale has on me.  And, isn’t experiencing negative thoughts towards yourself a completely unhealthy way to start the day?

I actually felt prettier this morning and took more time going through my face care and makeup routine.  I felt BETTER about myself.

Now that is BEA-U-TI-FUL. 🙂

I got to work and promptly had a good breakfast.  Although I can not wait to go to the grocery tonight because we are out of milk! So this was a dry cereal and fruit bowl.  It was good, and I actually took longer to eat it because I could just munch without the fear of milk turning the cereal soggy.


In this bowl: Kashi Heart 2 Heart, organic frozen blueberries, 1 banana

That’s all for now! A busy day ahead of time at the office, then shopping for 2 birthday presents, a quick trip to the grocery for GREEN MONSTER ingredients and then yard work and house work.  A busy day, but one that must happen so the rest of the weekend can be FUN!

I’m postponing my Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s trip to Saturday morning when I can spend more time looking around for great deals and new foods to try! 😉

Have a great day!


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