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Smack Down With the Scale

I had an awesome evening.  I just enjoyed myself, I didn’t worry about counting points or calories, or eating perfectly clean and healthy, I just ENJOYED.

Matt and I had our Wednesday Night Mixed Bowling League tonight.  We are on a team with our good friends, Joe and Becca.  It’s just plain fun to spend 3 hours bowling (none of us are great, we just have a good time) laughing and ribbing each other.

Matt and Me

Matt and Me

Becca and Joe

Becca and Joe

 Before Bowling I had a great snack.  My new favorite thing………..The Starbucks Vivanno!! 🙂

Mango and Banana with Whey Protien and Soymilk

Mango and Banana with Whey Protein and Soy milk

Then after bowling we went over to my Mother-in-Law’s to celebrate my Brother-in-Law’s 39th b-day.  I felt really good about how I ate.  I had a portion of homemade lasagna, Cesar salad, a small piece of sourdough bread with butter, and one reasonable slice of birthday cake.  I ❤ Cake!
(These are not the pics from my dinner, but they will do it justice! I forgot our camera!)


I felt great after eating reasonable portions of all the great celebration food.  I am home now, and I know if I wasn’t careful I could easily reach into the fridge and snack on some cheese, chips, or chocoate.  But, I’m not! I had a great night, eating real food, and going to bed on a comfortably filled tummy will only make for a better night’s sleep.
One more thing worth mentioning is I ditched my scale. I had a conversation with it and said…….
Scale....... will never dictate how I feel about myself again!

 And then I banished the scale to the garage!

Yes...I have a boa....

Yes...I have a boa....

Sweet Dreams! I’m looking forward to a great healthy non scale day tomorrow! It’s payday so I’m headed to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s after work tomorrow for some good eats! Stay tuned!

Question: Do you weigh yourself, and how often? Have you banished your scale? If so, how does it feel?


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