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Impromtu Starbucks Vivanno

I had a comedy of errors on my way to work today!   :/ First, as I pulled out of our neighborhood, I realized I forgot my Kashi Heart 2 Heart to mix into my greek yogurt.  I was bummed! I already have packed a bit of a skimpy lunch due to lack of grocery shopping so every morsel of food I was going to bring was going to be eaten!  Then as I was driving down the highway to work, I was so intent on listening to the local radio station recap last night’s episode of The Bachelorette that I missed my exit!  Geesh!

Well, I decided to turn a negative into a positive!  🙂 Since I was already going to be late to work since I missed my exit I decided to stop at Starbucks and get breakfast!

This is a total treat because I am usually a eat breakfast at home and pack your lunch and snacks type of girl.  I’d rather spend extra money at the grocery and have good healthy lunches than go to McDonalds or Chipotle every day. 

Well, I walked into Starbucks pretty set on getting their perfect oatmeal, but I saw a sign that was advertising their new line of HEALTHY SMOOTHIES!  I chose the Strawberry Banana smoothie which comes in at 280 calories, which, in my opinion is fine for a smoothie…especially one that packs a nutritional punch.  The smoothie was made with fresh strawberries, a whole banana, a scoop of whey protien/fiber, and soy milk!

Here is my lovely breakfast:


It was delicious! I’d definitely get this again for a breakfast or late afternoon pick me up! It was a bit pricey, at $3.95, to make it a regular treat (especially when I can make Green Monsters at home–and those are the mac-daddy of all smoothies) but it’s nice to know this healthy treat exists out there in the world!

Have a great day!


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